AberFest is a Celtic cultural festival celebrating all things Cornish and Breton that takes place every second year in Cornwall, UK, on Easter weekend. AberFest alternates with the Breizh-Kernow festival, which is held in Brandivy and Bignan in Brittany.

Both festivals are unusual in that the main focus of the events is on families

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and individuals from one country staying with families and individuals from the other, against a wide background of cultural activities. 

In 1987, the Breizh-Kernow Festival was started with the intention of it being at the Breton part of a Festival alternating between Brittany and Cornwall. The Breizh – Kernow festival was then held most years in Brandivy and later included Bignan. This one sided arrangement persisted until 2002. ​


Ron Williams had been a very active individual with many voluntary organisations in Falmouth and throughout Cornwall. He was widely known and respected. His friendship with the organisers of Breizh-Kernow and their increasing families grew stronger, with Williams spending more and more time in his retirement in Brandivy, Brittanym where he became increasingly well known and popular. ​


Ron Williams died on 7 December 2001. As a memorial, "Ronnie Fest" took place in Falmouth at Easter 2002. This was a weekend celebration of Ron's life, celebrating his love for both Cornwall and Brittany. ​ After a return to Brittany at Easter 2003, the Festival has returned to Cornwall as "AberFest" every second year since. ​ ​ ​ ​



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